Basbousa is the name of this pastry, but it can also be called harissa, aricha or harissa hloua. This delicious cake is loved by all, regardless of its name. Enjoy the Best cakes in UAE. Savor the Best online cake store Dubai. Would you like to gift a cake?


This is a popular Middle East and North African cake. It can also be found in Balkan countries like Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. Armenia, which is located in Western Asia, has a similar cake. You can find it in all kinds of places, from bakeries to restaurants.

Semolina, the main ingredient in basbousa, can contain almond or pistachio powder depending on where it is from. Visit the Best Online Cake shop UAE

It can be prepared in Egypt with almond powder and generously topped on top with hazelnuts. In Lebanon and Syria it is prepared with crushed pistachios or pistachio powder.

Basbousa is generously soaked in a cold sugar syrup as soon as it comes out of the oven. This can sometimes include lemon juice or zest, orange blossom water or rosewater, and spices like cloves or cinnamon.


Basbousa is a traditional Turkish dessert that dates back to the Ottoman Empire.

Revani was actually baked by Ottoman pastry chefs in celebration of Armenia's conquest in the sixteenth century. This famous dessert was named after the battle of Revan in Armenia, now called Yerevan.

The revani became a popular food in Ottoman times.

The name of revani could have also been taken from Revani, a poet who lived in Turkey in the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries. Visit the Best Online Cake shop UAE


This is the Middle Eastern term for basbousa. It can also be called harissa or harissa hloua (Tunia), harissa in Tunisia, harissa in Tunisia, harissa hloua (Egypt), harissa hloua (Egypt), chamia or harissa hloua, revani, shammali, shamali, and shamali, in Cyprus or shammali on Cyprus or shammali in Armenia

Many Jewish and Muslim communities worldwide love this cake. It is also known as tishpishti in Turkey by Sephardic Jews.

It is prepared by the Jews of Turkey for special occasions like Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), or Pesach. Tishpishti, a popular Pesach cake, is made with matzo flour (unleavened bread).

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Muslims consider it an obligation to observe Ramadan.

Sugar syrup is an important ingredient in pastry baking.

The Indus Valley, between India and Pakistan, is the best place to find syrups. It was there that the Crusades in the Middle East took place at the end of the 11th century. The Crusaders found charab, a drink that was popular at the time.

They were so taken with it they decided to keep it and make it a Western term. Syrup is derived from the Arabic word charab which in Latin sirupus means "drink" and "drink" respectively. It refers to a sweetened and flavored drink.

Fruit syrups are a product of Ancient Greece and Rome. Fresh fruits were preserved in honey at that time.

In the seventeenth century Francois Vatel (the cook of Louis XIV) highlighted the fact that cane sugar was the best way to preserve fruit while still preserving the flavor.

However, if syrup was created from that idea, the process is different. Instead of adding sugar to fruits like confectioners and jam makers, it involves evaporating water from the fruits to concentrate it. Then, add it to a sugar syrup. Enjoy the Best cakes in UAE. Savor the Best online cake store Dubai. Visit the Best online Cake shop UAE.

These were also the first to prepare grenadine syrup in the eighteenth-century.

In the eighteenth-century, we were able to read the French expression "syrup" ("sirop") in French. This text evokes syrups used for cooking and pharmacy. People used flowers, such as roses, chamomile and elderberry, primarily at that time. The first regulatory text to use the term "syrup", was published on July 28, 1908.

Sugar syrup is an important ingredient in baking and cooking. Sugar syrup is easy to make at your home. It is the basis of all sorbets and meringues, as well as other confectionery.

Pastry syrup, also known as sugar syrup or simple syrup, is quick and easy to make. This simple preparation can be used in cocktails to sweeten cold or hot drinks. It can also be used to make caramel, candied fruits, moisten cakes, or other confections.

Sugar syrup can be made in different viscosities. It can be used in different recipes depending on its thickness. Enjoy the Best cakes in UAE. Savor the Best online cake store Dubai. Visit the Best online Cake shop UAE.

There's 3 types of syrup.

·         Simple syrup, light syrup, or sugar syrup that is made with 1 volume sugar and 2 volumes water. It is used to moisten cakes or make them sweet and soft.

·         Medium syrup is a sugary syrup that contains one cup of sugar per liter of water. It is used to sweeten iced tea and make candied ginger.

·         Thin syrup contains 2 volumes sugar and 1 volume water. It is used to make many sorbets.

The basbousa recipe uses a mixture of light and medium syrups.

You can soak any cake you like, hot or cold, as long as you follow a specific rule.

The golden rule for soaking a cake well regardless of its temperature is:

- Warm up a hot cake with a cold syrup

- Warm up a cold slice of cake with hot syrup

Middle Eastern pastry is known for its custom of soaking baked or fried cakes in flavored syrup. This is a way to keep the aroma fresh and delicate. Consider special cakes near me

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Basbousa, a delicious item at Cakey Man. Don't be afraid to use a lot of sugar. It tastes amazing and is difficult to stop once you get started.

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